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HyperLinkd is focused on empowering personal, family and community safety; this is where strong community bonds are made, safety plans are in place and confidence is restored.

We believe that safety doesn't happen by accident.

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How it works

HyperLinkd is a powerful cloud platform which instantly activates multiple life saving measures and mobilizes crowdsourced responders in real-time… making every second count!

Together we can make a difference.

Automated life saving procedures

Everyday unexpected incidents impact lives and threaten personal safety. We help you setup your safety plans so if you or your loved ones ever need it, life saving responses are automated… making every second count

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Calls 911

Calls Emergency Services

Instantly calls emergency services (wherever you are in the world) when activated by voice, impact, manual activation

Video Calls

Video calls

Video calls your emergency contacts, who may be closer than official first responders, then streams video to your selected contacts and securely records the situation. SMS and notifications are also sent.


Nearby Responders

Alerts nearby 'community hero’s' who may arrive on the scene soonest (they could be right next door!)


Location Finder

Sends accurate GPS location to your emergency contacts to get help to you faster


Audible Siren

Siren activates for faster discovery. This can be muted if required

In this COVID world

Together in 2020 we have learned to relate staying safe to wearing a mask, washing our hands and observing social distancing. But we believe that safety is much, much more. Feel safe anywhere, knowing you have a safety plan in place and that we’ve all got your back.

Safety is a right, not a privilege

It seems that everyday we hear of attempted abuse on campus, with some students fearing simply walking home or back to their car. Use our Blue Light alerting to address this head on.

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Blue-Light alerting

If you are nervous or would like a friend to know what is happening, you can instantly connect with your “Blue-Loop" friends


Video calls

Video calls your preselected loop of nearby friends and others to join a live video call and securely records to the cloud


Location Finder

Updates GPS location in real-time. Privacy settings are included.


Escalation to Red Alert

Instantly update to a red alert status if feeling threatened

Walk Safe

Press and hold this button while you walk to your car across campus, after work or alone at night. Simply slide to deactivate but if you are jostled and release the button an alarm will sound and an alert with your GPS location will be sent to emergency services as well as a call being initiated with them. There are also immediate notifications sent to emergency contacts, streaming to the Cloud for friends, relatives and Emergency Services, which also records for later use and more...

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Example Use Case

In your pocket

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HyperLinkd Virtual Wallet

Use the HyperLinkd virtual wallet as an emergency backup 'HyperFund'. You can use it anywhere that accepts debit or credit cards, think of it as a safety gift card for family members. You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will always have their HyperKard to get out of a sticky or scary situation.”

You can also remotely auto top-up your balance for those you love, whether they are at home or abroad. This can be automated too, e.g. based on a low balance and even schedule top-ups for things like allowances or scheduled expenses.

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FREE live streaming & recording to the cloud!

Use in an emergency as remote eyes on for first responders, for sharing fun events live to the HyperLinkd YouTube channel - 'toobit.live', or even as a way to record and witness various situations as a live broadcast or saving privately for evidence later.

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Location Finder

Automatically let people know where you are in an emergency. We're there when you need us!

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Some of the features

Developing Community Safety

We believe that everyone has the right to be safe. In whichever communities you are involved, we enable you to connect to support each other when needed.

Our community responding

Emergency First Aid

We're not always as prepared for an emergency as we'd like. Access simple, easy to follow, emergency life saving procedures. You never know, you could save someone’s life.

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Community Heroes

HyperLinkd is about community and being there for each other and making every second count. We are growing our community of responders willing to assist others nearby in emergencies. We would love to have you join and invite your friends and family. We will be celebrating community heroes when they respond to someone in need... one day you may just save a life or a member may save someone you love.

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Trusted by individuals, NGO's and corporations alike





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Making every second count

We can do this... together!

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