What is it?

HyperLinkd is a trusted Word of Mouth Referral Network

Just like you, we love word of mouth recommendations and our platform makes these referrals a breeze. Now, you can refer from your network with a simple tap.

Quid Pro Quo. HyperLinkd also makes it easier for others to refer people to you!

How does it work?

Refer by Individual, Profession or Network

When you make referrals, they instantly appear in an easy to use directory for the person making the request. When you refer by profession, it gives users options to choose from and when you refer by network, all the categories you refer will appear in their directory.

You can edit individual network lists at any time. Changes are reflected immediately.

Better than Google?

Its a question of trust

One of the strengths of word of mouth recommendations is that they come from people we trust, who generally have first hand experience of those they refer. Likely a far better prospect for users than random results from internet searches.

Who benefits? Everyone involved. People you refer are happy, end users are grateful, it's a frictionless process and you benefit from reciprocol referrals!

How to get started?

Register. Invite. Refer

It's a simple 3 Step process. Once you've registered, just invite others to join your network. They'll be motivated to do so because they want your referrals. As soon as they accept, they'll be included in your network directory.

That's it! Registration only takes a few seconds and we provide the tools to help you with your invitations too.